Psst… Want to See Who Your Competitors Are Targeting on Facebook?

One of my favorite Facebook Ads tricks has nothing to do with running an ad of my own. Instead, I use a little-known trick that allows me to see who my competitors are targeting on Facebook Ads. It is SO easy, and the best part about it is that it is entirely honest with nothing rogue or slimy about it.

This tactic will help you find out what audiences your competitors find valuable, and it will also help you determine what other industry-specific brands see as a valuable audience to reach on Facebook, too. Before we start, it should be made clear that just because a competitor is targeting an audience, doesn’t mean that you should target that same audience.

Rather, think of this tactic as:

  • a way to gauge what competitors perceive to be a potentially valuable photography marketing audience
  • insight into other brands they see as potentially valuable
  • a potential jumping-off point for your own brainstorms
  • a group you may want to avoid targeting, knowing the bids may be higher with more competition for the space

The reason I like to see who my competitors or industry-pros are targeting is because I can’t always target the competitors’ audience directly.  The competitor might be significant to me, but not large enough for Facebook to consider them an interest base or a target base. By peeking inside who they are targeting, however, I can get a good idea of where I might insert my brand into their lives and try to grab some crossover or mutual fans.

So let’s begin!