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Three Photo Mistakes Photographers Make with Facebook Ads

As photographers, our esthetic is one of the things not only defines who we are, it distinguishes us from others. But when it comes to Facebook marketing, the images we love most aren’t always the right images for capturing the attention of potential clients. When you’re creating Facebook Ads, it’s important to think marketer first, photographer second.

Image Colors Make a Huge Difference

Facebook is blue and white. Mobile or desktop browser, the site’s color scheme is pretty much the same. Sobride and groom on bridge here’s an almost-too-obvious tip – don’t post images that are heavy with blue and white, or very cool in temperature. They blend into the Facebook color scheme and are easy to scroll past. Instead, focus on images that are rich with colors like greens and golds, or any colors along the warm spectrum so they stand out in the News Feed.

Also? Don’t be afraid to bump the saturation and crank up that contrast just a little with ad imagery. I know you think I’m crazy for suggesting it, but I’m not saying you should amp it up 50 stops or anything. Even a slight (say, 3-5 on a slider) bump can make an image POP next to all the boring status updates and link shares on Facebook.