Do I Need a Photography Blog For SEO?

Ah, the photography blog question. I’ve seen this pop up in a few online communities, so I wanted to address a few things about photography blogging, why photographers use it for SEO, and whether or not you really need one in order to boost your results in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Photography Blogs and the SEO Benefits

By nature, our work is visual. The old adage that a photo is worth a thousand words is remarkably true, except when it comes to SEO. Search engines do find value in images (if you optimize your photos for SEO), but words are really what helps them determine context and relevance. Our portfolios and galleries offer a little bit of SEO juice, but nothing like a blog does, where keywords can be used in abundance and the content is updated regularly (or at least often enough, in some cases).

Blogging offers photographers a chance to update copy, apply keyword diversity from keyword research, and use image-based SEO to help in their organic efforts. It’s also a place to show off your talent with the latest photos and help potential clients get a feel for your style, your personality, the way you work, and how you might fit with what they’re looking for.

Another big benefit of having a photography blog is that it provides more link-building opportunities for your site. A part of good SEO is having other reputable websites link (with a DoFollow link) to individual pages and posts on your site. While it can be difficult to get other sites to link to static pages like your galleries or general home page, blog posts usually address one moment or one topic, making them individually applicable to a variety of different audiences. Thus, great content on a blog is much more shareable and linkable. So if you are going the blog route, create thoughtfully.