Getting Started with Retargeting!

Have you ever been shopping online at one of your favorite sites, when you get distracted and head over to Facebook instead of buying the item you were looking at? And then a few minutes later you see an ad for that product in your News Feed?

That’s retargeting! (sometimes you’ll hear it referred to as “remarketing”)

In this webinar, I’m going to show you how you can use retargeting to stay top of mind after someone visits your website. By the time the session is finished you will know:

[lollum_list_element]how retargeting works[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]how to install retargeting pixels on your site[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]how to retarget to people who visit your main website or just certain pages of it[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]how to retarget to your email list[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]strategies for effective retargeting[/lollum_list_element]
[lollum_list_element]and your questions answered![/lollum_list_element]

Registration is limited to ONLY 100 PEOPLE!

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